In 2023, Trace Carbon Solutions signed a servitude agreement providing it with exclusive rights to develop and operate a carbon sequestration site, to be called the Evergreen Sequestration Hub, on approximately 20,000 acres in Calcasieu and Beauregard parishes in Louisiana. Trace will use the site to permanently sequester industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) in safe, underground geologic formations.

  • Existing CO2 emissions in excess of 70 MT/year (million metric tons per year) identified within 50-miles radius of the storage site per EPA emissions data.  Primarily within Lake Charles, LA and Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX emissions corridors.
  • Privately owned, rural location with no residences within ~20,000 acre project.
  • Total Evergreen storage capacity estimated at over 250 MMT (million metric tons) of CO2.
  • The sequestration process at Evergreen will involve injection of CO2 into several layers of thick, highly porous and permeable sands, sandwiched between impermeable upper and lower confining shale layers.
  • Initial project phase will consist of two Class VI injection well permit applications, which have been submitted to the Louisiana Department of Energy and Natural Resources.
Map of Evergreen Hub Operations

“We are excited to continue to grow this segment of our business to provide decarbonization solutions for industrial carbon emissions across Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas,” said Josh Weber, Trace Chief Executive Officer. “Trace has the expertise and ability to offer superior services across the three main areas of the CCS value chain – capture, transportation, and sequestration. We recognize that large-scale, geologically superior sequestration sites are scarce in proximity to significant industrial carbon emissions. Thus, securing such a high-quality site for the Evergreen Hub, to permanently sequester CO2 emissions, is the first step towards building a full-cycle, integrated CCS business.”