The Trace team has a proven track record of success in the energy industry, with decades of experience in the development and operations of large-scale upstream and midstream projects. Our extensive subsurface expertise and comprehensive midstream capabilities allow us to provide end-to-end carbon capture and sequestration (“CCS”) solutions for our customers. As an entrepreneurial-minded team, Trace can provide effective solutions to address the needs of our partners and customers in a safe, cost-efficient, timely and environmentally conscious manner. 

The Trace management team has led the project development of large-scale upstream and midstream assets while in senior leadership roles with both Trace and previous companies. Some Trace team statistics include:

The construction and operations of
miles of pipelines 

The development and operations of
~4.0 Bcf/d
of natural gas processing and treating capacity

The development and operations of
hp of compression

Direct responsibility for
of upstream and midstream capital projects since 2017

in successful monetizations of Trace-managed midstream assets since 2017

private company monetizations with an average ROI to equity investors of greater than 2.5x

Previous Development Projects



Sedimentary Basins

Map of Trace team basins experience